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Discover the world at your own rhythm with a motorhome

23 January 2020 | 3 min

Discover the world at your own rhythm with a motorhome 

Everyone has their own way of travelling. Some people draw up a checklist of all the attractions they want to visit and will do their utmost best to be able to check every item off their list. Others simply want to lie down, enjoy the sun and maybe – if they absolutely have to – sip on a refreshing cocktail. And while some travellers get a kick out of the energy and hustle and bustle of large cities, others prefer to completely immerse themselves in pristine nature. So yeah, we’re all different and we all travel according to our own preferences. That’s why we want to tell you about a style of travelling that was made for travellers who don’t like to be slaves to flight times and tight schedules. Travellers who explore the world at their own leisure, the way they see fit, and who set their own rules. Travellers who hit the road in … a motorhome!

Departure from home, arrival anywhere 

Just ask any motorhome enthusiast and they’ll tell you with a dreamy look in their eyes –motorhomes mean pure freedom. After all, you’re the one who decides where you’ll go, how long you’ll travel and where you will sleep, since you are bringing your own means of transport and accommodation with you. With motorhomes, it’s the journey itself rather than the end goal that matters. Of course, some people do get behind the wheel of their home away from home with a precise goal in mind, but they still allow their route to determine their pace. No need to worry about check-in times or airport transfers either; it’ll just be you, your travel companions and the road in front of you. For instance, imagine you’d planned on leaving only to realise you’d rather make another coffee and enjoy the sunset a little while longer. With a motorhome, that’s not a problem! You’re in control.

Discovering new destinations 

Motorhomes offer a number of other advantages. Because while it’s perfectly possible to travel the Route du Soleil, a lot of motorhome travellers are choosing to explore northern Europe by motorhome. Because while accommodation tends to be rather pricy in Scandinavian countries, the prices for local campsites are lower – allowing you to discover the splendour of northern Europe without having to cough up a fortune. And the icing on the cake is that you can travel however you see fit because there are as many different types of campers as there are kinds of travellers. From small, compact motorhomes, to larger family models and first-class luxury vehicles, with all the comforts of a home. You’ll travel precisely the way you want to. 

Oh, and campers of course offer more freedom when it comes to luggage. You can easily bring bikes, prams, surfboards and even a canoe. What’s more, you won’t have to meet stringent flight rules. The perfect solution for travel enthusiasts with packing anxiety!

Day at the Sea.

Meet Aventures Motorhomes, your travel partner for a winning trip

Would you also like to give motorhome travel a try? Aventures Motorhomes rent out many different types of campers, both for short weekend getaways and longer trips. Their offer comprises a wide range of models, all perfectly maintained and ready for action. And if you loved the camper so much that you’d like to buy it after your trip, that’s possible too. Visit their stand at the Holiday Fair to discover all the things that make travelling by camper so enjoyable. The world is at your wheels, er … feet!

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