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Experience India like a local

17 January 2020 | 2 min

Experience India like a local

India is a country that speaks to the imagination of lots of travellers. A country with the most varied natural landscapes, climate conditions and cultures. A country that doesn’t leave anyone unmoved. Travelling to this country nevertheless remains an intimidating prospect for many tourists. Because the local circumstances and customs are so different from our own, many people feel so daunted by the thought of travelling to India that they end up not going at all. Thankfully, you can also travel to India with Namaskar India Tour, a travel company with French-speaking agents that specialises in offering accessible tours to India and Nepal.
So you too can get a first-hand experience of the country.

Holy town Varanasi and the river Ganges

Namaskar India Tour was founded by two brothers with a joint passion for India – Balbeer and Shivraj – in northern India in 2010. Their goal was to create tailored trips that go off the beaten tourist path. They decided to go beyond the standard India trips offered to travellers, and put together an original and authentic route that would guarantee their clients an unforgettable trip. What’s more, every trip is custom-made for each individual traveller.

Because that is what Namaskar India Tour are all about – offering an enriching human experience that immerses travellers in the country’s local culture. With Namaskar India Tour, you won’t just visit a couple of idyllic spots and then retreat to your expensive hotel. Instead, every leg of the journey will be both unique and authentic. You’ll for instance be able to stay in the most remote locations and in the homes of locals. The company’s expert travel guides will take you off the beaten path and ensure that you get to see the real India and Nepal. A guaranteed extraordinary experience!

Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, India.

This focus is what made Namaskar India Tour a reference when it comes to unique, tailormade trips to India and Nepal in just 10 years. Every one of their trips is fully adapted to the needs, interests and travel pace of each individual traveller. You will only stay in locations that the Namaskar India Tour staff have tested themselves, so you needn’t worry about unpleasant surprises during your trip. So, if you too would like to experience India in a completely different way, you know who to turn to – Namaskar India Tour!

You can also find Namaskar India Tour at the Holiday Fair. Visit their stand, listen to their spectacular stories and discover their surprising travel itineraries. 

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