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Experience our blue planet from a front-row seat.

20 January 2020 | 2 min

Experience our blue planet from a front-row seat.

Throughout history, human settlements have always developed alongside rivers and coasts. Water, after all, quite literally brings life. So what more authentic way to travel than to journey across water? That’s precisely what All Ways Cruises offer travellers – beautiful journeys to dreamy destinations in Europe and further afield. And all you need to do is board the cruise right here in Belgium. Talk about smooth sailing.

Although All Ways Cruises have been a mainstay of the travel industry for 30 years, their mission has remained exactly the same. They are the travel specialists in sea and river cruises departing from Belgium. Their trips always put culture and nature at the top of the list, and aim to expand the horizons of each and every guest. It’s why All Ways Cruises have chosen to exclusively work with Belgian travel staff and to make everything available in both Dutch and French. The All Ways fleet moreover consists of small cruise liners only, guaranteeing a more laidback atmosphere than on mega-ships. The small ships also allow All Ways to travel to exclusive destinations, making it the perfect choice for travellers who want to travel comfortably but also return home with unforgettable experiences.

All Ways Cruises offer river cruises along the Danube, the Douro, the Volga, the Mekong and the Croatian coast, as well as unique sea cruises departing from Zeebrugge. The Astoria will be waiting for you in the waters in the summer of 2020, ready to take you to four beautiful destinations. This traditional cruise ship can accommodate 500 passengers, so no mega undertakings here! 

Four cruises will be on offer this summer:

  • The charm of the British Isles (10-23 May) with departure and arrival in Zeebrugge. This cruise will take you to the most mythical spots in English, Scottish and Irish history, and introduce you to vibrant cities like London, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Dublin … The best of Britain!
  • The most magnificent fjords in the heart of Norway (04-13 July) with departure and arrival in Zeebrugge. The mild Norwegian summer offers the perfect time to discover the country’s dizzying natural beauty. We’ll take you to charming cities and eternal glaciers. You will not forget this fairytale-like trip.
  • Breath-taking Spitsbergen and Lofoten Islands (31 July – 11 August) with departure from Brussels National Airport and arrival in Zeebrugge. Go on this expedition with us and prepare to be amazed by Norway’s wondrous natural beauty hour after hour, day after day. Keep your binoculars at the ready to spot seabirds, walruses, seals and, who knows, maybe even a polar bear. The memories you’ll make here are guaranteed to last you a lifetime! 
  • The wine route (14-25 September) with departure from Brussels National Airport and arrival in Zeebrugge. A fantastic cruise that takes you to Portugal, Spain and France. This is your opportunity to discover the region’s cultural riches and mouth-watering local products. Salud!

Visit All Ways Cruises at the Holiday Fair to take advantage of a unique offer, valid for all the All Ways sea cruises – 50% off for every second traveller. Don’t miss out on this! 

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