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Give back to nature

17 January 2020 | 2 min

Give back to nature

Do you love to travel? Would you like to reduce your climate impact? You’re not alone. A lot of frequent travellers increasingly feel overcome with all sorts of doubt. How much impact will their trip have on the environment? Can they do something to limit or compensate this impact? Because every trip – no matter whether by bus, train, car, boat or plane – releases additional greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. A return flight from Brussels to New York for instance produces 2,6 ton of CO2 emissions. Enter Greentripper!

Greentripper promotes sustainable travel by offering tips that help you figure out the best approach. Greentripper also helps you calculate the carbon footprint of your trip and simultaneously offers you the possibility to compensate this footprint on their website At Greentripper, they get it. On the one hand, travelling allows us to enjoy nature’s wonders; but on the other hand, it also sees us contributing to the disruption of the climate that controls the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Greentripper wants to ensure that people become aware of the climate impact of travelling. With Greentripper you can give back to the climate through concrete climate action.

How do they do this? Well, Greentripper has developed a calculator that allows you to the determine the impact of your trip. You can then make a contribution to climate projects through them. To do this, they’ve teamed up with various NGOs in developing countries. All these projects have obtained certification from highest standards like the Gold Standard, and they all seek to achieve different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – for instance: reduced COemissions, local and sustainable development, a positive health impact, poverty reduction and a higher living standard for families in the Global South. So if you decide to offset your travel with Greentripper, you act concretely on your climate impact.

After you offset your footprint on, you’ll receive a personal e-certificate as proof of your support. You’ll also receive a neat digital postcard that you can share to social media to encourage your friends to also switch to carbon-free travel.

Be sure to visit the Greentripper stand at the Holiday Fair to learn more.

Stand number 03403