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Retrace the footsteps of a trade caravan.

20 January 2020 | 2 min

Retrace the footsteps of a trade caravan.

Some locations are just begging to be discovered by more people. The mythical Silk Road is exactly such a location – or, rather, a series of such locations. For centuries on end, the Silk Road was the chief artery of trade between China, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The most precious goods were traded along this network of routes, which was also a site of cultural exchanges. During the late Middle Ages, the volume of trading significantly went down as sea trade became increasingly commonplace. Today, however, Silk Road activity is once again up. And the Silk Voyage travel agency has played a big part in that revival.

Autumn grassland for yak feed with stream and beautiful snowy mountain range background at Xinjiang, China

Silk Voyage are a unique company in Belgium. They’re the only travel agency to offer tailormade travel packages in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Silk Voyage founder Durdona Kadirova grew up in Uzbekistan thanks to her career developments she spent the next 20 years in various different countries. This life experience allowed her to develop a clear grasp of the expectations and wishes of both tourists and foreigners. At the same time, she realised very well that her native country has a lot to offers to tourists.

Fairly quickly, Dorduna decided to focus on the full and long Silk Road rather than sticking just to her native Uzbekistan. The different countries along the ancient route, such as: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia or Azerbaijan.  These countries after all remain largely unfamiliar territory to most European tourists, even though they have everything to delight adventure and culture lovers. It’s why Silk Voyage offers fully customisable trips and exclusive travel experiences with the help of selected partners. It’s Durdona’s European tourists to the beauty of this unknown, untouched regions – the one trip to remember a while.

The road network was used in the past centuries by merchants trading goods and silk between distant countries and cross-continental regions.

By reason of , Central Asia and the Caucasus have a lot to offer! Their varied, magnificent natural settings are for instance sure to appeal to adventure-minded travellers. From cycling and motorbiking to heli-skiing and freeriding, from horseback riding and camelback riding to hiking and mountain climbing…. you can do it all against a magnificent backdrop that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Meanwhile, culture seekers will find themselves enchanted by the authentic and ancient cities along the Silk Route and will be exhausted of fantastic photographing. To say nothing of the mouth-watering local cuisine and incredibly warm-natured and hospitable locals. In short, do not wait an extra second to explore this area at your leisure while it’s still largely unknown to most people. With Silk Voyage as your partner in crime of course!

Visit Silk Voyage’s stand at the Holiday Fair and you, too, will fall for the charm of the Silk Road.

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