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Traveling by bus

  1. In a bus you travel comfortably and spaciously, and you can easily store all your luggage
  2. You will be picked up close to home and dropped off at your destination
  3. You will know new people on board the bus
  4. You arrive at your destination rested and carefree
  5. You travel ‘green’, because the bus is the most ecological means of transport by road

looking for a great adventure by bus?



Like to go away a weekend? Go to and leave by bus on a city trip!?

Travel Around

You can discover a country in a unique way from your comfortable seat in the bus.

Family Travel

Bus trips: go out with the children

Whether you like sports, amusement parks, animals or music: here you will find the dream trip for your family.


Busfan has beach vacations to classic destinations and lesser known beaches.

Art and cultural trips

Are you looking for unique cultural tours, day trips or art fairs?

Concerten en shows

Going to a concert or performance in a funny, safe and budget-friendly way?

Wie is is the website with the travel offerings of all Belgian coach companies. More than 11,000 day trips and multi-day bus trips can be found here on an annual basis. This portal is unique in Europe, because it contains the travel offerings of all companies from one country.

Go on holiday by bus and you will enjoy the moment you leave without worry. You travel comfortably, affordably and together with your friends. In our extensive range we have something for everyone: city trips, family trips, group trips, etc. View it all on