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Reduce, calculate and compensate the CO2 emissions of travel.

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Who is Greentripper?

Greentripper calculates and compensates for the CO2 footprint of your journey.

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Who is Greentripper ?

Greentripper is your partner for calculating and compensating for the CO2 footprint of your journey. Whether you are traveling for pleasure, relaxation or work, Greentripper gives you the opportunity to do something for nature and more specifically for the climate. Greentripper offers you a solution to neutralize the CO2 impact of your journey and we guarantee that your contribution makes a difference.

Greentripper works with several NGOs in developing countries that set up reduction projects. The development of CO2 reduction projects is only possible with the support of your CO2 contributions. It’s true that it’s better for the climate that you don’t travel by plane, but if you do, it’s better that you support a climate project than doing nothing at all.

CO2 compensation via Greentripper is a concrete action for the climate.